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The Lunch Table

Join us as we discuss a practical means of defining, and refining your dream and turning it into a reality!

Think about the lunch table. We often sit with people with whom we are familiar and comfortable. What happens if you have to sit at a table comprised of strangers or people who are dissimilar to you? For many of us, this may sound daunting. But, this happens every day in America. Great leaders are those who are able to sit at the table, make connections, unify its members, and lead the group towards a common goal.

Many of us are leaders, yet we have not uncovered our talent. Nadia E. Miller offers a dynamic program called The Lunch Program that can tap into your, or your staff’s, leadership potential. Using the most innovative and engaging techniques, this program can be used with community groups, school districts, corporations, small businesses, churches, and other places of worship.

The Lunch Table is an interactive series of workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses designed to empower and inspire leadership in those who are in search of learning more and applying the principles, mindset, and the science of success.

Join us as we discuss a practical means of defining, refining, and turning your dream into a reality.