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Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 mentoring

This is all about you! Become unrecognizable and increase your
value exponentially with 1-on-1 coaching interactions that meet you where you are; create an effective “strategy for progress”; and a plan of impactful accountability to take you from
where you are now in your life to where you want to be with poise, elegance, and grace.

Leadership Coaching & Development

This option can separate yourself from the professional pack. These coaching interactions are designed to give you the edge in your vocation and the boardroom. The moniker “there are levels to this” has never been more true for business &
industry leaders or for those that want to go to the next level professionally.

Strategic Planning/Business Development

Is your business ready to take the leap to the next
plateau? Consult with a master strategist and guru of efficiency to increase the bottom line of the company/business you represent.

Mastermind Groups

Group workshops for leadership development, success thinking,
strategic planning, etc., are excellent ways to impact groups of individuals. While the sessions may not be as intimate as 1 on 1; it is a cost effective way to get many of the benefits of the other options, while benefiting from the synergies of others within a like minded group.


Book one of the best speakers in the country specializing in health awareness and leadership.

Chat & Chews

Need a quick word on a leadership principle? Chat & Chews are great for companies to receive a great principle of leadership, a word of inspiration, and some action steps that could be just what the company needs for a jolt of productive energy all over lunch or comparable time.

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