Though established in 2019, The Unicorns have actually been around much longer. Nadia E. Miller has mentored women in leadership for many years. After seeing the success of her mentees, Miller decided to expand the program. Thus, The Unicorn Program was born. A women in leadership mentoring program that allows women to see the leader inside them. Through workshops and conventions, Miller takes the word "leadership" from a simple want to a living, breathing mindset.

A Unicorn™ is someone who can envision excellence, be teachable, has growth mindset, is open to finding strength in their weaknesses, can empower the woman to their left and right, can lean into fear, can embrace the uncomfortable, and can fail forward. Nadia E. Miller heads this leadership mentoring program for women to #UnleashTheUnicorn.

In addition to workshops and conventions, Unicorns receive:

  • - Bi-weekly 1-on-1 mentoring
  • - Leadership coaching/development
  • - Strategic planning/business development
  • - Soul building (Takes what sets your soul on fire and turns it into applicable leadership skills)

If you are interested in more information, please contact: Rachel Erin at 513.312.7551 or

How has being a Unicorn impacted your life?

"Nadia pushes me beyond my own limits. She requires more of me daily and there are no excuses. When I get down, she encourages me to 'adjust my crown' and keep moving forward. I am proud to be a Unicorn!" - Jessica English

"What does being a unicorn mean to me? Gosh. Being a unicorn means embracing the things that you once allowed to hold you back. To embrace your weaknesses. To jump into the fear embedded in opportunity. And to do the same for the women around you." - Rachel Tracy

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